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Written by mansfieldtpp   
Friday, 02 July 2010 01:46
This is the Senate's climate change bill- introduced last September by Senator John Kerry- that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emission through a nation-wide cap-and-trade program. The oil spill will be heavily used to quickly push this through, while the administration plays out the clock to try and block all possible solutions. Many are brought up, but none ever instituted.
BP has played a large part in the writing of this bill. For a glimpse into BP's active involvement in this project, take some time to listen to Katrina Landis, Group Vice President, Alternative Energy at BP, telling us that we're living "in some ways, the best of times", and rejoicing at the imminent passage of the Cap and trade Bill:
BP deep Involvement with Cap and Trade
The Administration's goal is now to quickly run this bill through the Senate and then reconcile it with the "Cap and Trade Bill "already passed in the House.
Not only will this bill be the largest tax creating bill ever passed; it will also be a huge wealth transfer to foreign countries, as half of the new tax proceeds will be transferred outside of the United States!!
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